A State of Being (Movie)

a state of being This is a full length (115 min) movie has a truly edge of seat tear jerker rollercoaster story line, a young father finds his world upside down when he discovers he is thrown in to the depths of a separation and divorce. his struggle with the Justice system over a 8 year period is a heart rendering story. The film is loosley based on a true real life story

In his fight to retain his children, his reputation and sanity he has to contend with Deceit, Lies, Law enforcement and Religion. Screen play written by Director. Producer Ken Thompson portrays this story as close to the facts as possible. With a truly dynamic conclusion.

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. A State of Being
(At preproduction.)     www.astateofbeingmovie.com


Shaw TV Calgary, Alberta, News Item

Music within the film       “End Credits Soundtrack”
Track Title:  Lost ”             A State Of Being

“Opening Credits”        Nine  YANNI

The drive home (On the radio)

Bathroom Scean   “Melodrama”    Andrea Bocelli


Franks Passing  ” You’ll Never walk Alone” Gerry and the Pacemakers

Scean from Starbucks:  Jody drifts off thinking of her childhood
Theam of Tears:   Trent & Troy

Penultimate Scean  “Love you Dad
Loosing You   Brenda Lee



Film & TV Production

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