This is a hard hitting factual TV documentary was filmed over a two year period In and around Alberta, Canada  currently at post production on the facts and myths of how the Government

The Criminal Code of Canada is written in such a way that unless you know your legal rights the court does not have to inform you of your rights, when you received a traffic ticket or Violation. Within that Code it states clearly they do not have to inform you, This is a clear deception placed there by the Government not even any agent acting on your behalf will tell you this, “IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY” watching this video you will learn how the government is working hard behind your back to deceive you. You will learn on how to play the corrupt system and Law Enforcement officers at their own game.


RCMP  shit

 Const Larry “Rent a Thug” Firmston (Beiseker
Alberta) RCMP


and Law Enforcement (RCMP and Law officers) of Alberta manipulate and use situations to meet their needs. without any fear of any damage or loss they cause









Film & TV Production

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