Ken Thompson

YA I NO productions   was founded  2009 by Director/Videographer Ken Thomson,  gained a reputation over a period of  30 years as a photojournalist in his native land of England

Ken on location “A STATE of BEING”

(Anlaby, East  Yorkshire). Starting life as a mere amateur with a local free paper, The Weekly Advertiser & The Hull Daily Mail, he soon became well known throughout the country for his creative skills as a sports photographer, his talents did not end there, as he had a good eye for a news story.

Among his credits, Ken progressed as a freelance photojournalist and worked for several prestigious companies within the national press including The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Times and Guardian before he moved into Film and Television working for corporations like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Ken with Acress Lynette Louise ” A STATE of BEING”

Emigrating to Calgary, Canada in 1998, he quickly discovered gaps in Canadian Television programming that he felt could be addressed from his experience in the UK. Over the time, he developed an understanding of Canadian television production and formed a network of friends, who like himself, had worked within the industry for many years. after after making the leap from stills photography to video and film ken uses his talents to Direct. Produce. &  write scrips

Ken has always been a true investigator and strives to bring to light, the truth of any miscarriage of justice. The first project of his newly formed company was a TV documentary entitled, “IS THE LAW LEGAL”  This hard-hitting factual program is based on the treatment and laws of Alberta, Canada and is currently in the final phases of production.

British born and bred, Ken knows only too well what makes a good sense of humour. He is often quoted saying, “No one makes a good sitcom like the Brits.” When asked recently which director or producer inspired him, he replied, “It was not a person but a corporation– that being the BBC.”

YA I NO Productions if fast gaining a reputation for seeking out the truth, and raising issues with questionable corporate practices and law enforcement, every day stories that pull at the heart  and give us something to laugh or think about

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