Parking Tickets

Within this page there is a number of videos where members of the public have started to question the legallity of these corrupt Councils and  Enforcement Agencies.  We will show you just how CURUPT the system is. and name and shame these companies and Councils.

Halsbury’s law of England 2011

Administrative courts have no authority in this county, Halsburies law of England under administrative law 2011, “The law is absolutely clear on this subject there is no authority for an administrative court in this country, no act can be made to legitimise them because of the constitutional constraints placed upon her Majesty at her coronation”.

Human Rights Act (Protocol section 4 )

“No person can suffer loss of liberty because he cannot for fill a contract”   County Councils seam to think a parking fine is a contract or an agreement.  for this to stand in a court of law there has to be consent between two parties..  when a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice)  or parking fine is given  this falls under “administrated practice” England is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Administrative courts DO NOT over rule supreme common-law courts
This audio recording was made by a member of the public when trying to find out infomation on the Alleged County Court (Traffic Enforcement Centre) Northampton

Here is a copy of a deman notice of a baliff working on behalf of Jacobs Enforcement Agents, The Bailiff MR. Burley
(Tel Number 07834  604223) visited a man what mentally ill elderley man at 5pm in the evening, and demanded payment, he tried to wedge his foot in the door, the elederley man did not identify him self, so in reality the baliff tried to force entry in to the property,  There are now stict rules and guidlines On baliffs and enforcement agencies to stop this happening.  In this case a letter with a document “Cease and Desis and Notice Withdraw Right of Entery Notification to the collection agency and the local council (kingston Up  On Hull) on medical grounds has been ignored.  The man is now sueing for 5000 from each party involved as this case has NEVER been brought before any Legal court in the UK.



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