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film 2YA I NO Productions are  in the process of relocating from Calgary. Canada, and looking to

create a new  team of  talented individals  we can work with.  You may be an experienced  Producer, Director, to Student maybe  just new entrant looking to start a career in the industry or interested in non-production position. Whatever your capacity or interest we recognise that the success of any project  is down to the people who work with us.

film_crew_t_shirt-rda6e04dabe8f4a7f9718c290110f5c3b_va6pe_512Data Protection:
Please note that we may include personal information you have sent to us on our in-house database. This database can be accessed only by YA I NO Productions staff. We use this information for recruitment and employment purposes. We will not share this information with third parties without your prior consent. If you do not wish for your personal information to be held on our database please let us know in writing.

For any project to reach it potential it needs a full and committed team, from Tea person, to Director from Make Up to Distribution,  each  position is a is valued within any Film and TV production there are some 39 individual departments  in a full length motion picture.

Film & TV Production