Bank Giro Credit “YORKSHIRE WATER”


They say it takes a lot to make your first Million pounds then it just easy ??? well take a look at this scam. One of our research team  found if a company is worth 2 million or more in asset’ they get get paid an all Bank Giro Credit TWICE 

On the bottom of every weekly,monthly,quarterly, bill you receive you will see there is a ”Payment sip” attracted for you to make payment to the relevant company. We discovered that when that said company deposits the payment slip it receives it is forwarded to the clearing house where they get paid again, so I reality they get the payment from you plus they get payment from the clearing house . NOT A BAD DEAL is it for these companies. here is just one example using YORKSHIRE WATER as our test. we had a number of people around the Yorkshire region use this


Film & TV Production

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