All film and Television productions in development through the UK use the Film Investment Referral Program are high-quality, cinematic film projects to be filmed on prime locations in the UK with the latest high-tech movie equipment & cameras, skilled actors and experienced filmmakers in order to achieve high-profile films to be released worldwide.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) Each and every film project referred to you by the UK Film Investment for Movies and Entertainment has a worldwide release as its goal. Releases could be theatrically, on DVD, Pay-TV, TV and/or Internet. A film ROI is unpredictable as the finished film can be sold in every country on every medium (35mm, DVD, Online-Streaming, etc). It’s success is dependent on the story, actors involved, crew involved and quality. It will be in the Producer’s highest interest to provide the investor with a high ROI as well as profit share.


To see an overview what Hollywood’s films gross, please click here. Image from “Legends of the Fall”

THE TAX RELIEF For more information on tax reliefs as film investor, click here.

BEING CREDITED AS PRODUCER If interested you will be credited as PRODUCER in the final credits of the finished film project.

OPPORTUNITY BEING IN THE FILM Depending on what the story asks for in terms of characters and your experience and interest as actor, you may be cast in the film in various positions ranging from co-star, supporting actor or background actor.

PRODUCTION INFORMATION Once you are an investor in a film project you will get regular updates and information on what stage your film is in, where crew/cast are filming, what production does and who is involved. All those details will be clarified before the investment is taken place between you and the film executives.


COME BY THE FILMSET You can always inquire where filming will take place and come by on set to check it out, meet crew and cast. Filming will take place primarily in the United Kingdom.

BE LISTED ON THE MOVIE-DATABASE (IMDB) NEXT TO MAJOR MOVIESTARS AND CREW Investors will receive their own IMDB profile (Internet Movie DataBase). On the famous worldwide MOVIE DATABASE, your profile will be listed as producer on the movie you invested in. YOUR PROFILE WILL BE IN THE SAME DATABASE AND NEXT TO THE PROFILES OF BRAD PITT, JULIA ROBERTS, BRUCE WILLIS OR CHARLIZE THERON). Once your name is submitted and you are listed on the IMDB, you will be able to submit pictures and/or update information about yourself. THE is the most comprehensive website for movie in the world. Check out the by clicking here

INVITATION TO THE RED CARPET PREMIERE Once the film is completed each and every investor will receive an invite to the exclusive world premiere of their invested film. After the premiere, the general release in theaters or DVD usually starts where the Return On Investment will be achieved.

Film & TV Production

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